How to guess the movies?

When you see a picture or hear a music from the soundtrack you may recognize immediately the movie and give the answer. If you have absolutely no clues, you may disregard that quiz. However, you may have some hints and with some search you can get there. As some participants (with more web experience) surely know these techniques, I’ll try to explain some to make things fairer.

The Internet Movie Database ( is the ultimate resource to search and find movies. If you see a movie’s frame and don’t know which one is it but recognize an actor in that frame, you can go to and search for that actor. You’ll see there all that actor’s movies and you even can sort them by ratings (so you can see which are his best films), by genre (if you recall that the movie in question was a western, for instance),… If you know more actors from that movie, you can even search for movies where those actors participated. In the search page ( you have many types of searches and don’t forget to see the links in the left bar (power search, people working together, complex title search,…).

To win the quizzes you have to answer with their titles in English or in the movie’s original language. If you only know the title of the movie in your native language, you can go here (the “also known as” search) and search for that movie. In the results you will find the movie with the title in its original language and in many other languages.

And what if you don’t know any of the actors, the name of the movie,… but remember seeing that movie, remember parts of the plot? Let me give you a personal example. Some time ago I wanted to identify a movie that I had partly seen and could only remember some details of the plot. I knew that it was basically a trip of two friends with an older woman and the explanation to what happened there was that she had cancer. So, I went to IMDB and searched by keyword.

I tried cancer. I still got 578 titles.

It was too much for me to go check one by one to see if I remembered the title of the movie.

So I clicked on the keyword cancer and I went to the cloud of keywords presented by IMDB in that page in order to refine the search

and tried to see if there was the keyword “trip” there. Better than that, the keyword “road trip” was there with just 7 titles.

By clicking in that keyword I saw the 7 titles and there it was the movie I was looking for: Y tu mamá tambien (2001).

So, you can see that just with two ideas it’s also possible to guess the name of a movie.

  • bullet proof vests

    James did it again. Avatar looks spectacular. I don’t think I can wait until it comes out. The trailor makes me druel. Finally a film to spark the imagination.

  • Casey Anderson

    I’m trying to find a movie and i don’t know the title of the movie or the actor/actress names or the character’s name that the actors/actresses portray in the particular movie but i do know the plot, it’s kind of hard to explain but i’ll try. it’s about a woman and her daughter who just moved to a new city(not sure where) and the daughter has trouble making new friends in that city and the grandmother(or someone) sends a package of the daughter’s mother as a child swinging on a tree swing(like a regular swing not a tire swing just a plank of wood and rope tied a branch of a tree) a home movie of sorts on a cd/dvd rom and she plays the cd/dvd into the computer and plays the home movie and she’s see her young self(around her daughter’s age) swing on the swing then suddenly her young self disappears and she’s realizes she just transform into her young self but still has her adult memories and when the person ejects the cd she transforms back into her adult self, but while she was her young self she became best friends with her daughter, and the daughter didn’t know that girl was her mom, and then when the adult self had a date with someone(another adult,when the mother had to be an adult), while the mother’s(now at the daughter’s age) daughter’s was brushing the mother’s(now at the daughter’s age) somehow the brush got stuck in the mother’s hair and stayed there through the transformation back into her adult self, and kind of freaked out her (the mother’s date) so what is the name of this movie/television movie because i don’t have a clue.

  • Casey Anderson

    me continuing from the above comments please give me a reply here.

  • Rosebud

    Hi! Is it Virtual Mom?

  • exotik

    hi I saw this movie many many years ago and cant remember the name of it I could almost swear the movie was called spoof but no matter where I look I can never find it so here is what I can describe please help… I remember kids being on a boat they were collage students and they got this trip from their teacher they get to this island where there is a man and a woman who welcome them there and as the movie progresses the man and woman dress up as a few different things and kill off the students the only kill scene I remember is there is a black guy that walks away from the camp fire to pee and the male killer is dressed as a clown and tries to kill the black guy with a sledge hammer and eventually smashes his head… that is the extent of my memory please help

  • Dial Chandu

    Hi there; I watched a movie back in 2008-2010. Movie involved in a group of training commando’s (FBI); on an abandoned island. It appears to be a trap. They got provided with all type of ammunition inside the Island (consists of house and left over smalls shops). One by one all the guys get dead by their activities. Finally only one lady turned alive of all those bunch. Movie falls under the category of action, crime and thriller. Can anyone suggest the movie name.

  • Paige Kendall

    i remember watching a show about a teen girl who is supernatural there is a guy she really likes but find out she cant kiss him because otherwise she will die in the end she almost died and he kissed her then he died no clue what its called or who any of the actors are please help

  • daniel

    I remember a movie i saw prob 8 years ago; There were a group of armed (special type soldiers?) guys running trough a hall and found a door they quickly opened, when they opened they saw a ginormous black (blob-?)monster who puked out another man(or soldier) who reached for them with his hand, which had holes in it since he must have mutated. Thats all i can remember, maybe they closed the door and continued running, i don’t know.

  • Maslacak

    I’m trying to find a movie and i don’t know the title of the movie or the actor/actress names or the character’s name that the actors/actresses portray in the particular movie but i do know the plot, it’s kind of hard to explain but i’ll try. Its a medieval story about a little boy, who lost his father. His mother is pregnant and he has aunt with them, who is taking care of her sister in low. His aunt is very sever person in the beginning, but after he becomes very attached to her…Then he is grown up, fall in love etc etc… any idea?

  • Ashley

    A little biy named author tries to save his house so he tries to find the missing treasure and every fullmoon a magical microscope turn him little and it takes him to this hidden land in his back yard bye doing this he is able to gind the treasure and save his house

  • debi

    I need to find an old movie. About a couple that inherited am old mill with a strange girl chained in the cellar .

  • Lewis Hemley

    i need to find the name of a movie. i dont know much about it but i can clearly remember two scenes. in the first one there are these big winged creatures laying on the beach, and in the second on there is some sort of beast in a round forested room and attacks the security camera. please any help would be great as i have been trying to remember the name for years.

  • lea

    Im looking for a comedy movie but i dont know the title,actors,actresses. I cant remember their names..this story is about 2 ignorant men, the white one and the black 1. They went to city to check the value of their diamond stone. And then they met a girl who’s engaged to her boyfriend. The 2 men was so ignorant in so many ways they saw a car and they dont know what it is. The black guy trying to stop it in his own streght..this is very funny movie.. i need an answer please thanks

  • kate

    I watched this movie long time ago. It was with matador and one lady with black hair. I can’t remember the names of the actors, but I remember lot of scenes. The movie was based on fights with the bull and lot of sexscenes. I remember there was one sex scene in the wood in front of the bull.
    Do you know the name of the movie?

  • Demya Green

    So I was watching this movie but I don’t remember the name its star something and don’t know but its about how these aliens that look like human invade the world but they r getting killed but this one girl saves him and they become in love

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